On Sunday June 3rd the annual SCAS/BCAA Clout archery championships will take place again at Manshead school in Caddington, near Dunstable. Last year four of us participated, with both Mary Louca and Marc Bax snatching the county barebow clout champion title.

In clout archery you don’t shoot at a paper face on a vertical straw boss; instead the target is a flag in the ground at a considerable distance (140yds for ladies, 180yds for gents), and your score is measured by how close your arrow lands to the flag. At our range in Offord we sometimes do a mini-clout using the very light jelly bows, as our field is not large enough to shoot a regular clout (NEVER try this with anything but the jelly bows).

The clout shoot is usually a good day of fun with most archers not being that serious (but you can be if you want to). If you’re interested please let Sunil Kalra or Marc Bax know – or put your name on the form on the notice board in the hut.