Our club

St. Neots Bowmen is a target archery club affiliated to Archery GB (AGB/GNAS), the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and the Bedfordshire County Archery Association (BCAA). We are open to members of all ages and all abilities (subject to assessment).

A prerequisite for joining our club—as with any other affiliated archery club in the country—is that you have either successfully completed an AGB-approved beginners’ course, or have previously been a shooting member of an AGB or World Archery affiliated archery club. If it has been a while since you’ve shot, contact us and we can assess whether you’d need a refresher.

We organise club shoots—at which we shoot a variety of scoring rounds to AGB rules—five times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Our members shoot a mix of bows styles: from recurve and compound to barebow, longbow or flatbow. We cannot accommodate crossbows.


We are in the lucky situation to have both an outdoor range in Offord Darcy (where we shoot up to 100yds/90m) as well as an indoor range at Alconbury Weald (up to 30m) for our members’ exclusive use, year-round. Members can use both ranges at any time outside scheduled club events (and other things such as grass cutting…) for practice. Especially the 24/7 use of the indoor range is unique! Our outdoor range now has an eco-toilet.

We have a large number of club bows, arrows, tabs and bracers that novice members can continue to use after they join. We advice you to hold off on buying your own equipment until you’ve shot with use for a bit—the practical advice of experienced members is invaluable in helping you choose the equipment that is right for you to buy.

How to join?

If you’ve completed a beginners course or are an experienced archer and would like to join St. Neots Bowmen, please download and fill out a membership application form and send it to secretary@stneotsbowmen.club.

The cost of membership is made up of three parts:

  • Joining fee £25
  • Membership fee £60 (membership year runs till September 30th). Junior whose parent is also a club member get 50% discount
  • Affiliation fees £56 (till September 30th). Juniors, under 25s and disabled archers get 75% discount


If you are currently a member of another archery club affiliated to AGB or World Archery you are welcome to join us as a visitor at one of our schedule club shoots—there is always space to accommodate a few extra archers!