It is the indoor season again, and once more we will be running the Grand Prix competition.  To “enter” all you have to do is shoot a Portsmouth, WA25, Worcester and Vegas round at least once each this season.  The highest score you achieve in each of the four rounds is added together to give you a grand total. 

The competition is divided into categories based on bow type, gender and age group.  If you shoot more than one bow type then you will be in more than one category, so more chance to get on the medal list.  The top three total scores in each category win gold, silver and bronze Grand Prix medals. 

If you are uncertain of what the four rounds are then ask at a club shoot or read “An explanation of indoor shoots” found on this website’s “member info” page.   And don’t be afraid of those little targets!  They make you concentrate more and thus shoot better.   😉